Coming Events

Coming Events is always a fun topic.  Spring Term begins April 4, 2017. New Coming Events will be found as the year progresses. Here is what we have so far.

This year marks our very first multi-workshop summer schedule.  See Summer Term 2017. At this time we have a 3 day workshop on the Turkish flat weave technique known as Zili, a 2 day Natural Dye workshop, a 4 day course on the Raised Edge Pick and Pick technique, a 5 day Navajo style weaving class, and 2 days to learn to make felted 3D vegetable shapes.  Be sure and check these out as some are on weekends to allow attendance by those who work weekdays!

The Selfie Project we worked on for a year was also successfully completed in 2016.  The resulting published book Tuesdays and Thursdays is available for $35 in our shoppe.  23 of the 46 tapestries were on display at the American Tapestry Alliance unjuried small tapestry show Tapestry Unlimited at the downtown Milwaukee Public Library in August. Twenty of these selfies will be on display at the Sandy Public Library beginning in September, 2017, in Sandy, Oregon.  ATA Small Format Unjuried Show