Shelly Tarbet

Shelly Tarbet gained her commercial art background at the University of Kansas.  in 1989, when she began studies as a textile weaver at the Damascus Pioneer Craft School, where she studied Ravenstail Twining and became intrigued with basketry.  Ravenstail is a form of ancient Native American textile weaving that developed from basketry techniques.  Shelly began to explore Native American basketry, then expanded her interest to studies of basketry around the world.

Shelly Tarbet loves the Pacific Northwest partly because of the tremendous variety of basketry material that can be gathered from nature.

Shelly has exhibited throughout Clackamas County with the Clackamas County Arts Alliance.  Venues include Timberline Lodge, the Mount Hood Cultural Center and Museum and the Sandy Library.  She is one of the weavers of the Damascus Ravenstail Robe owned by the Burke Museum in Seattle, Washington.

Shelly teaches basketry classes at Damascus Fiber Arts School throughout the school year. This gallery is representational of some of her work.