Summer Term 2017

Summer is coming soon and for the very first time, Damascus Fiber Arts School is holding a multi-workshop summer session!  We have currently scheduled seven workshops and might add more as summer term 2017 approaches.  We want to draw in some students who can’t come to our regular 10-week term sessions.  We hope that includes you!  To sign up for a workshop, please contact us by email at

All workshops run from 9am to 12noon, and from 1pm to 4pm. Listed below in chronological order:

Yellow to Dye For

Yellow to Dye For

Acid Dyeing–Exploring Yellow.     June 17 and 18, Saturday and Sunday.   Class limited to 5 students maximum.

Join Instructor Sandy Kennard for this 2-day workshop to explore dyeing wool yarn in yellow, using Washfast Acid Dyes.  In this workshop, students will examine yellow in several depths of shade and variants such as ochre, orange yellow, and green yellow.  Students will find out what to expect when black or violet (the complement of yellow) is added to the dye bath. Instruction includes some basic science around the color yellow and how it is used artistically and culturally.

$80 plus $8 fee for materials including dyestuff and handout.  Bring your own wool yarn or purchase from Sandy.  Instructor will contact students regarding appropriate yarn and preparation.

Sandy Kennard teaches Acid Dye Basics to new and returning students. She has been dyeing for several years, always experimenting with color and learning new ways to make a quality dyed wool yarn with even color.  She weaves award-winning tapestries and helps Terry Olson with the tapestry students. She is always called upon for “color consults”.  She is a founding member of the Willamette Tapestry Artists.


Flat Weave Zili Technique

Flat Weave Zili Technique

Flat Weaves of Turkey– Zili Technique     June 23-25, Friday-Sunday.  Class limited to 8 students maximum.

Instructor Joyce Gifford.   For millennia, the nomadic tribes of Turkey have relied on a variety of flat weave techniques to provide their household goods and, through color and design, express their identity.  This three-day workshop introduces Zili, a supplemental weft-wrap technique known for its geometric design and corded finish. A detailed handout and the woven sampler made in class will enable students to continue this study after the workshop.

$120 plus $15 materials fee that includes warp, weft and color handout.

Joyce Gifford is an accomplished artist with a background in a wide range of media.  As a former student of Damascus Fiber Arts School, she is continuing her interest in weaving through an exploration of flat weave techniques of Turkey.


Beginning Navajo Style Weaving

Beginning Navajo Style Weaving

Beginning Navajo Style Weaving    July 10-14, Monday-Friday.  Class limited to 6 students maximum.

Instructor Kevynne Layne. Are you interested in Navajo style weaving but don’t have the time for a 10-week semester? In this 5-day workshop students will spend one day warping the loom and planning their individual project. Over the remaining 4 days, students will learn Navajo techniques using traditional tools such as the fork and batten. They will practice patterns which are derived from classic Navajo motifs. It is the hope that students will produce an 8”x10” rug from beginning to end.

$200 plus $15 materials.  Materials fee includes weft, warp and color handout as well as use of looms and tools.  Looms and tools are available for purchase, optional.

Kevynne Layne has been weaving on a Navajo style loom since the early 1980s. She has been assisting teaching Navajo Style Weaving at Damascus Fiber Arts School for two years and in 2016 she taught a “Beginning Navajo Style Weaving” workshop. Kevynne weaves on a Navajo style loom as well as more traditional tapestry looms in her home studio in Damascus, Oregon. She is a founding member of the Willamette Tapestry Artists. Kevynne’s website is 


Raised Edge Pick and Pick

Raised Edge Pick and Pick

Raised Edge Pick and Pick     July 19-22, Wednesday-Saturday.   Class limited to 8 students maximum.

Instructor Kiki Dembrow. This four-day workshop focuses on how to use pick and pick to weave single and double raised edges to create raised outlines where the design elements meet.  Class discussion includes color choice, design options and tips for planning a cartoon.  Students will weave a sampler that can serve as a guide for the techniques.  This class is not suitable for beginning weavers.

$160 plus $20 materials fee, including weft and a colorful technical booklet.

Kiki Dembrow began weaving tapestry at Damascus Fiber Arts School in 2005 after teaching French and English as a Second Language for 30 years. She has studied tapestry techniques in a variety of workshops. Kiki has exhibited in local venues and at the last five iterations of the Small Format Unjuried Shows sponsored by the American Tapestry Alliance.  She is a founding member of the Willamette Tapestry Artists.


Abundant Harvest

Abundant Harvest

Pumpkins and Apples

Abundant Harvest–Felted Vegetables    August 12-13, Saturday-Sunday.  Maximum of 10 students.

Instructor Laurelen Jabbour. Students in this two-day workshop can create both a three-dimensional apple and a pumpkin by felting wool. During the workshop, students will learn the basics of dry needle felting to make the fruits and will embellish their creations by making leaves, using wet felting techniques.  Students will learn why the composition of wool fiber makes it great for felting. Materials fee includes use of tools and wool sufficient to make the apple, pumpkin and leaves. Students need to bring a towel, scissors, and photos of an apple and pumpkin that include leaves.

$70 plus $30 materials fee. Fee includes use of tools and wool sufficient to make the apple, pumpkin and leaves.

Laurelen Jabbour retired from nursing to raise sheep, weave, spin, felt and create fiber art.  She has been involved with the Navajo- Churro Sheep Association and has traveled extensively to study and lecture on wool. Laurelen has been weaving at Damascus Fiber Arts school for over 10 years.


Natural Dyed Yarns

Natural Dyed Yarns

Natural Dyeing on Wool    August 26-27, Saturday-Sunday. Workshop limited to 8 students.

Instructor Barbara Hitzemann. Learn how to extract and use dyes from plants and insects in this two-day workshop.  On the first day, students will learn the essentials of how to prepare the yarn for the dye bath, including skeining and the use of mordants. On day two, students will dye their yarn with natural dye materials to include, at least, cochineal, indigo and weld.

$80 plus $20 materials fee, including dye stuff and yarns.

Barbara Hitzemann, tapestry artist and dyer, weaves tapestry at the Damascus Fiber Arts School.  She has developed her natural dyeing skills through research and practice for several years.  Barbara has taught dyeing in successful and popular group sessions each summer. She is a founding member of the Willamette Tapestry Artists. Barbara has exhibited her tapestries regionally and has participated in many of the unjuried small format shows sponsored by the American Tapestry Alliance.



Handspun by Dianne Langtry

Spinning Wool     September 9, Saturday and September 20, Wednesday.   Students may select one or both workshops.

Instructor Dianne Langtry.  Spinning workshops taught by Dianne Langtry are for beginning spinners and for those who would like to improve or change their spinning habits.  Students will be able to proceed at their own pace while learning about worsted and woolen styles of spinning; spinning single and plying; preparing wool for spinning by combing and carding.  The goal is for each person to learn a style of spinning that feels comfortable and productive. Wheels can be provided for those who do not have one.

$30 each day plus $5 materials fee.  Fee includes wool to spin while in class.

Dianne Langtry is an accomplished tapestry weaver, spinner, and published poet.  She has been teaching at Damascus Fiber Arts School for 3 years and weaving for about ten years.  Her latest book of poetry will be published spring 2017.